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Team Experience

Explore Your Leadership Potential:

Looking for a way to develop your leadership skills and the leadership skills of your team members?

An interactive experience:

Gain new insight into the perspectives of your peers and team members with this fun, interactive experience. Strengthen your leadership skills and trigger open discussions with honest feedback, so that you can breakdown silos, create greater collaboration, and build a culture of accountability. 

Based on the principles of Dr. John Maxwell, The Leadership Experience is a team simulation that provides challenging scenarios to open the creative thinking of your leaders.

Plus: Receive a free Executive Summary for your team 

Note: This experience is specific for your organization’s inhouse team. Maximum number of participants for each experience is 12.

Communicate in Your Style:

Wish you could reduce misunderstandings and build stronger relationships?

Receive an individual review of your unique communication preference and learn how you can flex your style to improve your connections.

Based on the DiSC Model of Human Behavior, you will leverage the insights from your personal assessment to build stronger relationships, reduce misunderstandings and get your voice heard.

Balance Your Work and Life: 

Do you feel like you are missing out on something?

Find your balance by reviewing your level of satisfaction in 8 essential categories that impact your life and work. Enjoy more of what matters to you.

Based on the well-known, Wheel of Life Assessment, complete your individual analysis and pinpoint what balance means to you – at work and at home.

Understanding Your Value

Do you always feel like you have too much to do and never enough time?

Deepen your understanding of what is most important to you, and what factors drive your decision-making. Identify your top 5 core values to answer the questions who you are, what you treasure and what disappoints you?

The Personal Values Assessment is a simple tool that helps provide you with a wealth of information about why you do, what you do.

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