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How the best leaders add value to their teams, organizations, and members to drive sustainable growth

When You Grow Your People – Everything Changes!


Want to grow your organization and provide relevant value?

You must first understand the value your people provide. 

But here are the challenges consistently faced when leaders and organizations don’t develop their people or understand their value. They…

Your Strategy for
Developing Valuable Leaders

Velma guides organizations and their leaders through a three-stage process in her keynotes, workshops, and coaching.


1. Discover Your Value

2. Design Your Path Forward

3. Drive Your Sustainable Growth

Hi, I'm Velma

I learned a systematic approach to Developing Valuable Leaders in a unique way. 

When I was a young girl working in The Bahamas, I thought I knew what being a leader was all about. But I didn’t!

At each stage of my career, fueled with passion and potential, I found myself delivering successful projects, but deficient in people skills. Struggling to lead, communicate, and collaborate, I knew something needed to change. And it did.

I got fired!

It took 10 years for me to realize that being a valuable leader is less about projects and more about people. With relentless determination, I poured myself into leadership training, executive coaching, studying human behavior, and pursuing various certifications.

Armed with a new set of skills and a renewed purpose, as a Vice President of a multi-million-member association, I led one of the largest membership growth turnarounds in the history of the organization. 

Today, I have the honor of taking all the training and lessons I’ve learned to help organizations develop their leaders and teams with a culture focused on driving sustainable growth. 

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Keynotes and Webinars


Customized speeches designed to inspire personal change and provide actionable insights that prepare your leaders and employees to advance your organization forward.

Online or In-Person 60- or 90-minute formats

Workshops and Facilitation

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Highly interactive, transformational training programs designed to provide the tools and strategies you need to activate greater employee engagement, innovative thinking, and performance at scale.

Online or In-Person
60 minutes, 2 hours, Half Day, or Full Day options

Executive and Group Coaching


Build leadership capacity by providing your leaders, teams or departments with the tools and resources to unlock their leadership potential, identify blind spots, and strengthen problem-solving skills.

3, 6 or 12-month packages
90-minute, spot coaching for immediate ideas, and solutions to address your most pressing needs.

What you can expect by
Developing Valuable Leaders...

Stronger leadership
and decision making
Greater engagement
and performance
Better communication
and connection
Greater productivity
and growth

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