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Leverage two decades of practical international experience leading teams to help you develop your leadership, increase your productivity, and improve your communication.

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Learn the seven steps you can take to achieve greater growth and influence from your leaders and for yourself.

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Engage, empower and energize your audience to action through inspiring keynotes, and interactive workshops on leadership, communication, and productivity.


Challenge, equip and transform your teams through hands-on workshops and creative activities in leadership, communication, and productivity.


Identify your blind spots, breakthrough barriers, and achieve your goals through one-on-one coaching and, assessment tools in leadership, communication, and productivity.

About Me

Hello, I am Velma. I am a Bahamian-American best-selling author, Certified Leadership Coach, and Business Strategist. But those are my official titles.

The truth is I work with leaders just like you, to transform your teams into valuable leaders who get meaningful results.

I love to help leaders grow and build productive teams so their business can grow. My core philosophy of leadership is this:

Leadership isn’t about building great companies, it’s about building valuable leaders who build great companies. – Velma

When we get this part of leadership right, results happen. I’ve used this same approach to help leaders just like you, transform their teams into valuable leaders who get results, through with my proven 7 Step System.

I hope you’ll join me.

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