Achieve Sustainable Growth...

A Systematic Approach

Board, leadership, and boots on the ground alignment that drives sustainable growth.


To create sustainable growth year after year,
you have to provide member experiences that are relevant and valuable.

But here are the challenges that consistently arise…


Growth is stagnant, but your resources are running at warp speed

You have conflicting priorities on what will drive the best results

Often, policy and people are preventing the organization from moving forward

The data isn't showing why members leave and how to improve retention

There’s misalignment between board expectations and the tools to get there.

The messaging isn’t driving enough value to attract new members at scale

The 4 Drivers for Sustainable
Membership Growth™

You’ll experience quick wins and build long-term sustainability
when you take a systematic approach for growing membership.

1. Know Your Numbers

2. Know Your Membership

3. Know Your Value Proposition

4. Know Your Path Forward

Hi, I'm Velma

I learned the Four Drivers of Membership Growth in a unique way. 

Just out of high school, I joined a small team who was tasked to grow a conservation membership non-dues revenue by $3 million dollars.  This was a 3-year vision on a small island in the Bahamas.  We were successful in the growth because we saw that all membership came down to belief in a cause and a sense of community. 

Every member organization is made up of members who believe something about the organization.  It takes research to know how the cause changes over time so you can remain relevant and consistently deliver value for your members.

Taking the same lesson, I created an education trust fund that raised over $100,000 to cover my education, which brought me from the islands to the United States. 

Each stage of my career reinforced this lesson until using the same principles as a Vice-President and Officer in a multi-million-member association, I led one of the largest membership growth turnarounds in the history of the organization. 

Today, I train member organization leaders to achieve the same kind of sustainable growth in their own markets.

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What you can expect after a workshop or keynote?

Clarity on how to build stronger member relationships through relevance and personalization
A systematic approach for building alignment between your board, leadership, and internal team
Increased member retention that distinguishes your organization

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