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When you work with me, you will develop your leaders and teams with interactive workshops, virtual seminars, personalized coaching and speaking.

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You are here for a reason.  

Maybe you have heard me speak at a conference, participated in one of my workshops, know someone who has worked with me as their leadership coach, read one or more of my books or know someone who recommends my services.

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Here’s what I know.

Most managers, teams and leaders have untapped potential and most organizations are missing out on increased profits. 

Most managers, team members and leaders feel like there is always too much work, too much change, and too little time to get what needs to get done. They’re burned out, checked out and stressed out.

You want to change this…

But the last thing you or your people need is another boring presentation that makes them feel like they are wasting their precious time.

This does not have to be the case.   

When you and your team work with me as your leadership coach, workshop trainer, retreat facilitator, or keynote speaker, you will experience unbelievable energy, untapped education and unstoppable engagement. 

Each of my programs are customized to meet the challenges unique to you, your people and organization. That’s probably why so many other clients say that they experience: unbelievable energy”, “actionable takeaways”, and “engagement from start to finish”.

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  • Association Insider for over 20 Years
  • 20+ Years of marketing, membership and leadership experience
  • Hands-on Board Retreat Facilitation and Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching and team engagement
  • Multi Best-selling Author


  • MBA, University of Tampa
  • Certified Virtual Presenter
  • Certified Human Behavioral Consultant
  • DTM, Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Certified Trainer for John Maxwell Team and Dale Carnegie
  • Advanced Executive Training, The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business


  • Presented in multiple countries including Australia, Canada, Bahamas, & the United States
  • Associations, Credit Unions, Government, Non-Profits, Chambers and Universites
  • Board of Directors, Executive Directors, Membership Leaders and Teams


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