As the year closes behind you and a decade is marked in history, take the time now to reflect on all you have accomplished. 

Most people begin a New Year reflecting on their goals. You might be doing the same thing.

“What will I accomplish this year?”

“How much more money can I make?”

“Where do I want to travel to this year?” And on and on…

But wait!

What if I told you there was something more important for you to do right now. “More important than setting new goals, you say”.


Before you begin to reflect on all you want, take a few minutes to reflect on all you already have. 

The promotion you got on your job or maybe you got a promotion to another job (thats a great way to look at change). 

Whatever you have done this past year, celebrate. But most of all, treasure the new you. 

In 2020 you are not the person you were in 2019. You are wiser, stronger and braver. 

So take your time and congratulate yourself right now. Your new you will thank you for it.

After your time of reflection on all, you have done and most importantly all you have become, look forward and tell the New Year, “Get ready, I’m coming to get you!”


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