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You must first understand the value your people provide. 

But here are the challenges consistently faced when leaders and organizations don’t develop their people or understand their value. They…

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Which Leadership Workshop Is Right For You?

The Leadership experience

Your Leadership Experience:
Reimagine How You Lead

Strengthen your leadership skills and trigger open discussions. Receive honest feedback and breakdown silos, for greater collaboration and a culture of accountability. Based on the Leadership Principles of Dr. John Maxwell

Warning: Highly engaging, actionable and impactful

 Velma nailed it!  It was a good combination of education, team building and fun.  I would do this again!

– Drew Eason
CEO/Executive Director
Florida Dental Association
OSAE Velma Interaction

Choose Your Attitude:
 5 Be-Attitudes For Leadership

The difference between a positive and a negative attitude can make or break your impact as a leader.

Create a values-driven culture with the 5 be-attitudes that make people want to stay.

Explore how your attitude is your choice, why your attitude matters, and the #1 trait that will make your leadership stand out.

The response was AMAZING!

 Heather Kasten
The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Florida
Unmask Your Inner Communicator

Leadership Presence: 
The Art of Personal Leadership

Examine how you show up, speak out and step forward to add value and transform the leader in you!

Connect authentically, build confidence in yourself and others, and become more influential. Based on the Personal Growth Laws by Dr. John Maxwell. 

It is refreshing to have a speaker who is so easy to work with, and who fully engages with attendees.  Velma was a hit!

– Eleanor McCormick
CEO/ Executive Director
Florida Recreation & Parks

Which Communication Workshop Is Right For You?


Negotiate Difficult Conversations:
Take the Bite Out of Conflict

Conflict is normal, uncomfortable, and unavoidable. Contrary to conventional wisdom, conflict can be healthy.  ReDiscover how to build greater collaboration and move from destructive to productive conversations when you manage conflict effectively.

Warning: Highly engaging, actionable, and downright funny.

 I was so impressed. Velma is a pro!

– Frank Rudd
Florida Society of Association Executives
Velma Workshop1

Authentic Conversations:
DisCover Your Communication Style

Based on the model of human behavior, increase your ability to communicate and connect.
Recognize your unique communication style and apply the easy process to identify the way others communicate so you can learn to create better connections.  

Warning: Highly engaging, actionable, and downright funny.

Our finance team has seen a complete turnaround… enhanced communication, improved morale, and reduced staff conflict.

 Jan Brewer Director of Financial Management Manatee County Government, Florida

I C What You Said: 
Your Body Language Is The Virtual You

Decode nonverbal messages and uncover the secret messages to what others are really saying with their body language.  Build rapport quickly, deliver messages with authority and establish trust instantly.

Every BODY is communicating something, now you can get to the truth of what they say.

Her presentation was FANTASTIC!  The audience was engaged from start to finish. Velma’s style is relatable and authentic.

– Tanya Vaughn-Patterson
Program Manager 
HR Florida State Council


Which Performance Workshop Is Right For You?

Kick Procrastination into Productivity

Kick Your Procrastination Into Productivity: 
Unleash the SUPERHERO in You

Don’t let disruption, disrupt your performance. Explain your procrastination style, critique your potential to procrastinate, and plan how to leverage your hidden power to get more done. 

Warning: Highly engaging, actionable,

This session was the highlight of the conference for me.

– Lonnie C. Bell, Jr. Director Community and Family Services Orange County Government, Florida

Uncover Your Blind Spots:
5 Blind Spots Holding You and Your Organization Back

Examine the 5 blind spots clouding your vision and holding  you back from accomplishing your goals.

It’s time to uncover what could be right in plain sight…you just need to see it from a different perspective so you can advance your mission.

What an energetic and impactful speaker. If you don’t know Velma you should!

– Ron Kasten
Program Manager 
Thrivent Financial

Turn Your Goals Into GOLD:
It’s Your Time to Achieve More

Roughly 70% of the population fail to achieve their goals.

Learn how to set yourself up for success with the clarity and direction that comes from keeping SCORE.

Just imagine what next year could be like when you learn to turn your goals to GOLD!

Velma’s session is one of our top successful programs!

 Maria Marchesi
Chapter Operations manager
Meeting Professionals International


Why work with Velma?

1. Interactive

Every program is designed to give you purposeful interactions, so you know, before you go, how to apply what you learn and be prepared to put your learnings into action for your organization.

2. Relevant

When you learn with Velma, she does her homework bringing you refreshing content based on extensive research and personalized for your organization or industry.

3. Adaptable

From the moment you meet Velma, you will feel like you have known her for years because she is so easy to work with. She is easy-going, willing to change as needed to meet the needs of those in the room or on the computer screen.

4. Fun

You will have fun and learn new skills, because Velma likes to have fun too. You will enjoy the high energy and ‘aha moments’ of your peers, knowing too that you are receiving the highest level of quality and respect that you deserve.

5. Actionable

Just like you, Velma wants to provide relevant value with tips, tools, and techniques. She will walk you through tried-and-true processes, drawing on her extensive background in driving sustainable growth for non-profits and associations.

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