Delivering Sustainable Growth

Customized workshops and breakouts that equip your leaders, with proven strategies and tools to help them drive sustainable growth.


To drive sustainable growth
year after year, you have to provide member experiences
that are
relevant and valuable.

Enlightening Programs that
deliver sustainable growth

virtually or in-person!

Leverage proven strategies, tools, and techniques, that will equip you and your leaders for growth. 

Overcome the issues and challenges facing your association or non-profit as you strive to serve your members, advance your mission, and achieve your purpose.

reasons people enjoy
with Velma

1. Interactive

Every program is designed to give you purposeful interactions, so you know, before you go, how to apply what you learn and be prepared to put your learnings into action for your organization.

2. Relevant

When you learn with Velma, she does her homework bringing you refreshing content based on extensive research and personalized for your organization or industry.

3. Adaptable

From the moment you meet Velma, you will feel like you have known her for years because she is so easy to work with. She is easy-going, willing to change as needed to meet the needs of those in the room or on the computer screen.

4. Fun

You will have fun and learn new skills, because Velma likes to have fun too. You will enjoy the high energy and ‘aha moments’ of your peers, knowing too that you are receiving the highest level of quality and respect that you deserve.

5. Actionable

Just like you, Velma wants to provide relevant value with tips, tools, and techniques. She will walk you through tried-and-true processes, drawing on her extensive background in driving sustainable growth for non-profits and associations.

Which Workshop Is Right For Your Organization?

Your Value in Disruption

Looking for Opportunities, Not Obstacles

Program Description

Reinventing your future starts today!

Your competition isn’t who you think it is anymore and your market is constantly changing in a sea of uncertainty.

Leaders must reinvent not just their associations’ products and services, or membership models; they must reinvent their way of thinking from being a late adaptor to becoming an early disruptor.

Learn how to move from ‘status quo’ to ‘innovative disruption’ so you can drive sustainable growth through greater relevance and value.

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“It is refreshing to have a speaker who is so easy to work with, and who fully engages with attendees. Your evaluations were all extremely positive You were a hit.”

– Eleanor Warmack, Executive Director
Florida Recreation & Park Association [FRPA]

Each participant will receive a free copy of Velma’s bonus eBook:
“The Value of Disruption: 7 Triggers to Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”

Clarify Your Member Value

Building Blocks to Create Your Value Proposition

Program Description

The #1 thing that you can do to drive greater member engagement is to clarify your value proposition.

The challenge is that majority of value propositions are focused from the inside-out, speaking about the organization’s product, service, or solution.

Value propositions are about results… the outcomes your members get by using the benefits of their membership.

Learn the 5 building blocks necessary to create your value proposition so that you can remain relevant, with your current and future members.

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“She supported our organization’s renewed membership growth through revised strategy and the successful execution of planned activation. She also used her strong facilitation skills to keep the various stakeholders on track.”

– Mark McCormick, VP Marketing, PR, Membership
AAA Central Penn

Each participant will receive a free copy of Velma’s bonus eBook:
“The Valuable Roadmap: 7 Ways to Truly Value Your Members”

Engage Your Unengaged Member

Building, Nurturing, and Managing Your Member Engagement

Velma Communication

Program Description

Member engagement is more than an event, it is an experience!

Leading edge associations and non-profits understand that strong member engagement must be built on the foundation of relevance and value.

How your members engage will continue to evolve based on your ability to provide greater convenience, choice, and customization.

Learn the essential elements needed to build, nurture, and manage your member engagement so you can increase retention, relevancy, and revenue.

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“Her sessions were very positive and full of praise. She delivers an engaging performance in both the quality of the delivery and the value of the content. Our attendees raved about the message.”

– Martha Mattson, Manager, Membership & Programs
Ohio Society of Association Executives

Each participant will receive a free copy of Velma’s bonus eBook:
“The Valuable Roadmap: 7 Ways to Truly Value Your Members”

Unlock Your Communication Style

A Proven Model to Communicate and Connect

Program Description

Difficult conversations can be messy, but they don’t have to be when you communicate to connect.

Based on the model of human behavior, you will learn the new skills necessary to gain greater understanding and enhance your communication.

Align your teams and increase your employee morale with this fun, highly interactive program that will give you the tools and tips to communicate and connect.

Designed for managers, leaders and organizational teams who want to communicate with clarity and build strong relationships .

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“Our finance team has seen a complete turnaround. Our results include enhanced communication, improved morale, reduced staff conflict and this transformation can be attributed to Velma’s coaching and training.”

– Jan Brewer, Director of Financial Management
Manatee County Government, Florida

Based on Velma’s best-selling book:
The Valuable Communicator, 7 Keys to Personal and Professional Success

Kick Your Procrastination into Productivity

Don’t Let Disruption, Disrupt Your Performance

Program Description

Your resources are running at warp speed and your organization’s capacity is capped.

Time is flying by, and you have too much to do today and more to do tomorrow.

This highly interactive workshop helps you and your team identify your procrastination style, understand your potential to procrastinate, and identify how you can leverage your superpowers to get more done.

Learn tips and techniques on how to ‘think forward’ using the proprietary Focus 5 Formula.

What are you waiting on? Procrastinating again? It’s time to kick your procrastination into productivity

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“This session was the highlight of the conference for me and I’m sure for others as well. Her title is Chief Encouraging Officer and I can attest to that being an accurate depiction of how she presents.”

– Lonnie C. Bell, Jr., Director, Community and Family Services Orange County Government, Florida

Each participant will receive a free copy of Velma’s bonus eBook:
“What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?”

Innovation Starts on the Inside

Grow Your Membership from the Inside Out

communicating and connecting

Program Description

Are you dealing with disruptive change or are you leading the course by disrupting change?

Discover future organizational opportunities to advance your mission, improve your non-dues revenue and grow your membership.

Challenge yourself to look beyond your established organizational boundaries and participate in exploration with an insider’s look into how you can grow your membership from the inside out.

Learn how big associations leverage their key assets to build greater retention, recruitment and revenue.

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“Velma is a dynamic, inspiring speaker who connects with her audience in an authentic and honest way, and who provides insightful and useful information and ideas. You don’t leave one of Velma’s sessions without some practical take-aways you can apply immediately.”

– Fran Gilbert, CAE., President/CEO
Starfish Management Solutions, LLC

Each participant will receive a free copy of Velma’s bonus eBook:
“Inside Out: 9 Building Blocks to Membership Growth”

Build Sustainable Partnerships

Become a Value-Based Negotiator

Program Description

Just about everything is negotiable and just about every interaction requires you to negotiate.

Most people worry when they must negotiate because it can sometimes feel like you are in a shark tank waiting for the next one to attack.

But you don’t have to feel that way when you understand how to collaborate, communicate and negotiate for value.

Learn how to build valuable partners that deliver sustainable member value when you become a value-based negotiator.

What You Will See As A Result...

What Your Peers Say...

“Velma’s ability to keep our group engaged and entertained – all while learning a valuable skill – is precisely why she is the best at what she does.”

– Krystal Humphrey, Association Event Planner
Meeting Professionals International, Tampa Bay Chapter

Each participant will receive a free copy of Velma’s bonus eBook:
“The Valuable Negotiator: 11 Building Blocks to Become a Better Negotiator”

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