Experiencing Sustainable Growth

Engaging keynotes and virtual
solutions that inspire your board,
leaders, and boots on the ground to
drive sustainable growth.


To drive sustainable growth
year after year,
you have to
provide member experiences
that are
relevant and valuable.


Engaging Experiences that
inspire sustainable growth

virtually or in-person!

Overcome the issues and challenges facing your association or non-profit as you strive to serve your members, advance your mission, and achieve your purpose.

Leverage proven strategies, tools, and techniques, that will equip you, your leaders and organization for sustainable growth. 

Speaking Programs

Growing Your Membership

4 Drivers for Sustainable Growth

Program Description

Learn a proven framework to build revenue, relevance, and retention that will position your organization to achieve sustainable growth.

Unify your board, leaders, and boots on the ground with this proven systematic approach.

Adopt the 4 key principles needed to create your path forward to grow your membership and advance your mission.

This program provides real-life examples of strategies and tactics that will give you and your team the clarity you need to grow your organization, regardless of its size.

What You’ll Get…

What Your Peers Say…

“We hired Velma to speak to our Chapter Leaders on membership and it was fantastic! …Velma’s session is one of our top successful programs!”

– Maria Marchesi, Chapter Operations Manager
Meeting Professionals International

Based on Velma’s upcoming book:
Growing Your Membership: How Purpose-Driven Organizations Drive Sustainable Growth

Discover the Valuable Leader in You

7 Steps to Leading Sustainable Growth

Program Description

Leading your organization, is hard work.

The workforce is changing, the marketplace is demanding, and your ability to adapt is essential for sustainable growth.

Learn the 7 overlooked steps to become The Valuable Leader, so that you can increase your value, and gain greater growth, and influence across your organization.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or an emerging one, you’ll be able to find your inspiration and energy, to be the leader everyone wants to follow, not has to follow.

What You’ll Get…

What Your Peers Say…

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation. Our attendees shared: ‘entertaining and engaging, really inspiring. Best speaker at the conference this year!”

Veronica Cateo, Chief Executive Officer
Florida Assisted Living Association

Based on Velma’s Debut Book:
The Valuable Leader, Seven Steps to Greater Growth, Value, and Influence

Communicate Your Value

7 Qualities for Delivering Sustainable Growth

Program Description

When you want to deliver value externally, you must first deliver value, internally.

The challenge today is that competing interests within your organization can create tension, build silos, and inhibit productivity.

When you create a member-first team, your employee engagement increases and in return, your resources drive greater value for your partners and your members.

Learn the 7 keys to communicate your value and build your member-first culture for sustainable growth.

What You’ll Get…

What Your Peers Say…

“Your program really helped me frame how I can interact with staff to continue successful work plans and best ways to communicate with board members.”

Martina Brawer, Executive Director
Florida Library Association [FLALIB]

Based on Velma’s Best Selling Book:
The Valuable Communicator: 7 Keys to Your Personal and Professional Success


Reasons People
Working With Velma

1. Relevant

Velma does her homework bringing you refreshing content based on extensive research, and proven strategies personalized for your organization.

2. Credible

Not just another speaker, Velma has worked inside associations and non-profits for over 15 years so she understands the challenges you and your team face day-to-day.

3. Dependable

You can count on Velma. She arrives the day before your event and stays long after her sessions to engage with your participants and support your sponsors.

4. Authentic

Velma is the real deal giving your participants permission to be real with their challenges and share with their peers to learn together.

5. Purposeful

Every interaction is focused on getting your participants engaged, equipped and energized.

6. Actionable

Just like you, Velma wants to provide relevant value to your participants with tips, tools and techniques for immediate application.

7. Adaptable

Velma is easy to do business with, down-to-earth, friendly and just an overall nice island gal.