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Do you need to shift your focus? 

If you are anything like me, you sometimes say: “I can’t seem to find a way forward these days, why am I feeling stuck?” And are you feeling like you can’t get done what you want to get done? Do all your goals and dreams feel “just out of your reach,” or do you somehow miss seeing these goals even though they may be right in front of you?

Friends, you are not alone. You have blind spots; I have blind spots.  In fact, we all do! 

Blind Spots Can Hurt

No, I’m not talking about when you wake up one morning, your eyesight seems a little fuzzy, and you head to the eye doctor for that badly needed new pair of glasses.  I’m talking about when you know what you want but you fail to achieve it because there is that one thing or some things that keeps holding you back. When you are at that point, what you need is a shift in focus. 

Allow me to explain. 


On one of your walks at a nature park, you most likely have seen those wandering souls sneaking through the bushes with a funny looking hat and trusty binoculars.  You may even be one of those who enjoy the thrill of birdwatching.  They call themselves “birders” (aka birdwatchers) and as you may have guessed I am a kindred spirit.  It’s okay, go ahead and call it like you see it or should I say sing it… “I’m a birder, you’re a birder, wouldn’t you like to be a birder too?”

What Is A Birder?

As a birder, you are willing to travel many trails and paths in search of our fine feathered friends, or to find that illusive bird that has escaped you for so long. 

When you fix your gaze and spot one of these colorful gems, the air is filled with gasps, a whispered “Aha” or “Wow! Did you see that? Now that’s amazing!”



Though birds are everywhere, it’s not until you make time, slow down, and take notice that you actually see them. Likely the birds have been there all along, hiding in plain sight, but you did not see them.  Why, because they were not what you were focused on when you were out looking around. 

Those very same birds can teach us a lot about how to shift our focus. 

What Are You Focused On?

Imagine one day you are taking a walk. You stop to read an interpretive sign along a park boardwalk. Perhaps you have done that walk a thousand times, but this time is different. You notice a colorful blue bird sitting on the top of the signpost.

The bird has seen you long before you see him. But then, again you were not focused on looking for birds, your focus was on the sign. Pause a moment. What are you missing because you are not focused? 

When you learn to shift your focus, you will learn the key to uncovering your blind spots and be well on your way to achieving your goals.

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Little Things Matter

I remember the first time I went birdwatching in a local park. My friends and I were in search of finding a few birds to capture an image with our new cameras.

While strolling on the boardwalk, scouting out the various obvious birds, a Great Blue Heron, White Ibis, or an Anhinga preening, we see a flash of red, black and white. The colorful bird zips past our eyes and lands on an Oak tree trunk. It’s a Woodpecker. Not just any Woodpecker.  It’s the one that is animated and reminds you of the character you have often seen as a cartoon. Yep. You guessed it: the famous Woody Woodpecker, otherwise known as the Piliated Woodpecker.

You quickly hold your breath and snap a shot to capture this encounter. It’s a lifer – a bird species you see for the very first time. And you got a photo to boot!

Notice Your Opportunities

How did it happen you ask? It was a shift in focus. When you take the time to look around, to notice the signs of opportunities disguised as obstacles, you begin to shift your focus. It’s only then that you uncover your blind spots and step up to fulfilling your dreams.

You too can shift your focus and uncover your blind spots, so you capture your dreams.

Uncover your Blind Spots

Ever since I can remember, I have always wondered how some people always achieve their goals, live their dreams, and enjoy their life while others struggle to get up in the morning. Do you ever wonder that to? 

Blind spots are common and some of them are the literal kind that can get you killed on the highway. Maybe you are like most people, you are driving along and then all of a sudden, a car comes out of nowhere. You looked in your side mirrors, but you still did not see the car that was right next to you. You encountered a Blind spot!

Clear Your Thinking 

Other blind spots are more a matter of faulty thinking! I’ve learned that it’s the blind spots in your life that you don’t know you have that can hold you back.  Blind spots that could be simple yet powerful ones that keep you from achieving your dreams.

Once you know and identify your blind spots, you can choose whether you want them to hold you back or move forward in spite of them. It’s your choice and all it takes is a shift in your focus.

In my high-energy, eye-opening workshop: Uncover Your Blind Spots, you will learn the five blinders that are that could be clouding your vision and holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

Caution… this program will open your eyes to what might be right in plain sight. 

Valuable Tips for Today:

Remember what you focus on matters. When you shift your focus, you just might see all your opportunities are right in front of you.