The Valuable Leader

We all learned the secrets to being a Valuable Leader long ago. We just didn’t know them at the time.

Do you lead your own life and business with purpose and good intent? Do you add true value to yourself and to others?

In The Valuable Leader, Velma Knowles relates her own experiences as a learner and a leader, as well as those of many others who influenced her to learn what it means to be a Valuable Leader. She uses real stories from real leaders to illustrate the seven characteristics that nearly all Valuable Leaders share. Many of the sources for the stories will surprise you.

The Valuable Communicator

Most effective communicators use more than just words to communicate and lead. They know how to connect and collaborate.

In The Valuable Communicator, Velma Knowles covers the essential behavioral characteristics that all effective leaders integrate habitually in their communication repertoire. The tools the Valuable Communicator applies in their daily interactions have little to do with writing or speaking, and everything to do with being an authentic and caring individual who leads with purpose.

Velma’s seven keys in this book are an easy read for both the seasoned and evolving communicator and leader. There is a Valuable Communicator in all of us. This book will help you discover and unlock the Valuable Communicator in you!

Living Beyond Purpose

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like life has no purpose. Other times we can live without being fulfilled, regardless of how much we accomplish. There is a reason why and a solution to fill the void.

The contributing Authors in this book were brave enough to share their own stories and insights. They did this with the hope that other people, like you, would find something to take away. Something that would inspire you to seek to live beyond purpose. To understand that what you are going through does not define you, but can undoubtedly refine you.

You can do it, however, you must be willing to believe and take action. I would like to tell you that it is going to be easy, but it is not. I would like to say that there is nothing special about the contributors to this book, but that would also not be true. It would also be false for you to believe that there is nothing special about you, too.

Join Best Selling Author, Velma Knowles along with other amazing Authors, as they share real stories of how you too can live a life with a greater purpose.


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