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What Happens When You Ask for Help?

Would you like to know how to get your “yes” when you need help?

Do you ever ask for help?

Most people want to be independent, they don’t want to ask for help. After all, asking for help can sometimes appear as a sign of weakness.

And who wants to be seen as weak, right?

No one.

But what I’ve come to learn and you need to know, is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Harvard Business Review says “the best leaders aren’t afraid to ask for help”

Your ask for help is a giftWhen you ask for help it’s actually an honor you give to someone else.

Let me explain.

It’s An Honor To Help Someone

When I was working in The Bahamas, on my tiny island home of Nassau, the desire to go to college was planted deep inside me.  I was surrounded by people who valued education, not just for themselves, but for those they love.

While working for this small non-profit, I got the tremendous opportunity to learn first hand from a professional fundraiser on how to ask for help.

You see, the small non-profit was operating in the red, and did not have sufficient funds from its membership dues to pay for its operating expenses.

Enter the need for a fundraising campaign.

The need to establish a professional fundraising campaign was created.

With this decision to create a fundraising campaign, came the skills, tools and strategies that were based on known how to get a “yes”principles.  These principles cause your ask for help to return with a “yes” most of the time.

When you learn to ask for help, you ask not what someone would do for you, but what someone could do for you.

Why do I tell you this?

I tell you this because if you are not asking others for help, you are missing out on great opportunities for yourself and your organization.

Asking others for help shows that you are a growing leader.

When you think you are a burden to someone or wasting their time if you ask them to help you, you have the wrong mindset.

Asking for help gives others the opportunity to make a positive difference and we all want this opportunity.

Asking for a helping hand - How to get your yes

How Do I Know Asking For Help Works?

Because that small non-profit asked for help from prospective donors.

The result was $3 million dollars in donations.

That’s 3 with M.

Maybe you are thinking, it was a fluke …you know a one and done.


Taking the same principles of asking for help, I raised over one hundred thousand dollars to pay for my college education.

I don’t tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you because I care about you. I don’t want you to hold back when you are in need of some advice, or some ideas or some help.

When you as a leader, seasoned leader or emerging, ask for help, you open the door to tremendous opportunities for yourself and for others.

Asking for help is the how to get your “yes.” Not everyone will say “ yes”, but for sure, if you don’t ask for help, the answer will always be “no”.

Your Valuable Tip

Ask for help when you need it. You might be surprised when they ‘yes’.

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