Leading Sustainable Growth

Personalized consulting, coaching and facilitation that empowers your organization, with clarity, confidence, and focus to drive sustainable growth.

To drive sustainable growth year after year
you have to provide
member experiences that are relevant and valuable 


Empowering Organizations to lead
sustainable growth

virtually or in-person!

Leading your association or non-profit is hard. Growing your membership can be even harder.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to figure everything out.

Sometimes, you just need some help from an experienced association insider to partner with you and drive sustainable growth.

When working to design the best way to serve your organization, the goal is to understand what your top challenges are and deliver the results that are most valuable to you.

reasons to 
with Velma

1. Experienced

Not just another consultant, coach or facilitator, Velma has worked inside associations and non-profits for over 15 years, so she understands the challenges you and your team face day-to-day.

2. Committed

When you work with Velma, she is your partner – not just in words – but in action, so you rest easy knowing she is working with you to take care of your most critical outcomes.

3. Results Focused

Just like you, Velma wants to provide relevant value to your organization, with data-driven strategies, ideas and solutions that achieve your goals and helps you drive sustainable growth.

4. Professional

From the moment you meet Velma, you will feel like you have known her for years because she is so easy to work with providing you the highest level of quality and respect that you deserve.  

What Your Peers Say…

“Velma is highly experienced and knowledgeable in areas of marketing, membership and customer experience. She supported our organization's renewed membership growth through revised strategy and the successful execution of planned activation.”
Mark McCormick
Mark McCormick
VP Marketing PR and Membership, AAA Central Penn

Consulting Services…that empower you to drive sustainable growth

Harry Thomas
VP, Chief Marketing Officer, AAA Washington

If you’re like most purpose-driven leaders, you’re already achieving success, but growth and change are outpacing your ability to manage them.

As a result you can expect to…

What Your Peers Say…

“Velma joined us for our Board retreat and shared an activity on leadership that was intriguing and enjoyable. She has a talent of bringing out the very best characteristics of professional leaders through her methods as well as giving takeaways to make you an even better leader. I highly recommend Velma for anyone wanting to offer leadership professional development, coaching, or tools to enhance communication to any organization.”
Heather B. Armstrong
Executive Director, Recycle Florida Today

Facilitation Services…that empower you to drive sustainable growth

Bennett Napier, CEO, President
Partners in Association Management

When you want to drive sustainable growth, you need an experienced facilitator that’s skilled in stimulating discussions, problem-solving and group dynamics.

As a result you can expect to…

What Your Peers Say…

“Since engaging Velma for Leadership and Communication training our finance team has seen a complete turnaround. Our results include enhanced communication, improved morale, reduced staff conflict and this transformation can be attributed to Velma’s coaching and training."
Jan Brewer
Director of Financial Management, Manatee County Government

Coaching Services…that empower you to drive sustainable growth

If you don’t continue to grow as a leader, then you won’t get the results you need to lead your organization forward.  Having your own personal leadership coach changes that.

As a result you can expect to…

What Your Peers Say…

"I hired Velma as my Executive Coach and the whole experience was amazing. She helped me through my leadership slump, giving me breakthrough aha moments. She provided additional tools and tips to help me increase my awareness and application of my learnings. Velma exceeded her obligations as my coach above and beyond my expectations.
Katy Martin
VP of Communication at FBCH, One More Child

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