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Developing Valuable Leaders

Personalized coaching, facilitation and consulting that empowers your organization, with clarity, confidence, and focus to drive sustainable growth.

Want to grow your organization and provide relevant value?

You must first understand the value your people provide. 

But here are the challenges consistently faced when leaders and organizations don’t develop their people or understand their value. They…

Empowering Experiences...

 …to Develop Valuable Leaders and inspire sustainable growth

virtually or in-person!

Coaching Servicesthat empower your leaders and teams to drive sustainable growth


Leadership Coaching

Apply the art and science of Leadership so you can lead with purpose and deliver a positive impact in the lives of others.

Take your leadership skills to a new level with your personalized coaching experience.

Achieve greater clarity, accountability, confidence, and immediate results.

Velma has a talent of bring out the very best characteristics of professional leaders through her methods as well as giving takeaways to make you an even better leader.
Heather Armstrong
Executive Director Recycle Florida Today
Velma w Audience MPi TB

Team Coaching

Unlock your organization’s potential by offering more coaching opportunities to leaders in your organization.

A 12-month agreement tailored to your specific needs.

How it works: Assign a point of contact, Identify participants, Get coached.

"I hired Velma as my Executive Coach and the whole experience was amazing. She helped me through my leadership slump, giving me breakthrough aha moments.
Katy Martin
VP of Communication at FBCH, One More Child

Spot Coaching

An on-the-spot, 90-minute session focused on resolving specific immediate challenges.

Ask any questions on Leadership, Communication, Membership Growth, and Organizational Performance.

Velma offered me some of the best career advice in our first 30 minutes together. Her positive attitude will rub off on you I promise.
Larry Darnell
Director of Information Systems Florida Dental Association

Facilitation Servicesthat empower your leaders and teams to drive sustainable growth


Strategic Planning

Facilitate strategy sessions  using best-in-class practical tools and hands-on exercises to engage your board members and build actionable plans.

Includes pre-event board member interviews to identify critical challenges.

We worked with Velma on our Annual Board Retreat. It was fantastic! The feedback has been positive. Some said: 'maybe the best Board Retreat they have ever attended.”
Dominic DiMaio,
Executive Director Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

Board and Staff Retreats

Facilitate mid-year and annual board and staff meetings.

Every retreat experience nurtures collaboration, builds trust, and creates forward-looking work plans for success.

Bennett Napier, CEO, President
Partners in Association Management

Membership Consulting

Your membership is declining, your team members are exhausted, and your board is expecting results.

Put you and your organization on the fast track for success from a coach who will be your sounding board to bring out the clarity and solutions you need to drive sustainable growth.

Harry Thomas
VP, Chief Marketing Officer, AAA Washington

reasons to 
with Velma

1. Experienced

Not just another consultant, coach or facilitator, Velma has worked inside associations and non-profits for over 15 years, so she understands the challenges you and your team face day-to-day.

2. Committed

When you work with Velma, she is your partner – not just in words – but in action, so you rest easy knowing she is working with you to take care of your most critical outcomes.

3. Results Focused

Just like you, Velma wants to provide relevant value to your organization, with data-driven strategies, ideas and solutions that achieve your goals and helps you drive sustainable growth.

4. Professional

From the moment you meet Velma, you will feel like you have known her for years because she is so easy to work with providing you the highest level of quality and respect that you deserve.  

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